Poem of the Week: Caitlin Pryor

Yet Another Photo of Me (1)

February 12, 2018

Caitlin Pryor   THE HORROR   I. There are two black actors, so one is about to die, you say into your longneck, a microphone for what you know. The awful mathematics of films like these: the other is always the first to go. Here we are at our worst, culling those we can’t know from our plots like weeds—the rising action, our greedy ascent, is built on their ...

Against Page-Limits, or: Does the Length Match the Reach?


February 09, 2018

This is the latest post in our creative writing pedagogy series. If you'd like to contribute, as always you can contact me at m [dot] salesses [at gmail etc.] --Matt Salesses, Web Editor - As a student I was lucky enough to largely avoid page limits on workshop manuscripts. At Emerson when students asked Margot Livesey how many pages to submit, she always said something like, “whatever is right for the story.” ...

Featured Book Review: Anna Gavalda’s Life, Only Better


February 05, 2018

Millennials Killed This Book Review Katie Burgess On Anna Gavalda’s Life, Only Better (Europa Editions, 2015). Whenever I read the news now (which is never, if I can help it), I feel thankful not to be a millennial. They’re killing chain restaurants, department stores, golf—new victims pop up every day, and yet these murderers walk free, and all that walking is killing the automotive industry. They fritter away ...

What Is Craft and What Does It Do: Part 1


February 03, 2018

What Is Craft and What Does It Do, Part 1 Craft is a set of expectations. Craft is a history of power. In other words: history is craft. Craft is a lineage of whose stories are passed down and by whom, what kind of stories are on record. Craft is both much more and much less than we're taught it is. Expectations extend to theory of mind. We make stories about every person we see, hear, hear about. We fill in ...