Poem of the Week: Lauren Goodwin Slaughter


January 29, 2018

Lauren Goodwin Slaughter   PULSE   It was a moth. It resembled a torn piece of newsprint caught inside the fixed window   in the filthy stairwell of our first apartment. What could live in such a place, I’d wonder,   passing the moth on my way down to work at the new teaching gig, outfit in blouse and slacks—   my mother’s words—that did not stretch. What could live ...

Kraft Kerfuffle


January 24, 2018

For those interested in discussions of power and craft and liberatory aesthetics, you may have been following the covfefe--sorry, the kerfuffle--over Sadia Shepard's story, "Foreign-Returned," in The New Yorker. Shepard's story is a retelling of a Mavis Gallant story, and the Francine Prose of Reading Like a Writer accused Shepard and The New Yorker of plagiarism. Shepard and Jess Row issued statements via The New ...

Featured Review: Annie Kim’s INTO THE CYCLORAMA


January 23, 2018

by Kevin Holton   Annie Kim. Into the Cyclorama. University of Southern Indiana Press, 2016. It’s often said that wonderful and terrible events shape those who experience them, and in Into the Cyclorama, Annie Kim explores what shapes exactly they create. This book, winner of the 2015 Michael Waters Poetry Prize, brings together twenty-eight poems that don’t simply play with form, but manipulate lyrical ...

POEM OF THE WEEK: Jessica Guzman Alderman

hattiesburg-7-15_1 (1)

January 22, 2018

    Jessica Guzman Alderman     NIGHTTIME SPECTACULAR                                 Walt Disney World Resort   As fungus juts, as earthworms purse   between grasses, orange obscures the animatronic toucan’s rust— head tilt, beak nip, wing stretching   fissures in a spider web   & the tangled ...