Revisiting the Novel, Plot, & the Inciting Incident


June 01, 2017

Two years ago I wrote about the plot of the American novel and the importance of the inciting incident(s) in The Millions. This post is a rewriting of that essay, charting a certain understanding of the novel's plot from where I left it then to how I conceive of it now. The link to the original essay is here if you want it. --Matthew Salesses, Web Editor -- 1. When I was 23, I returned to Korea for the first time since ...

A Celebration of Franz Wright, Day 5

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May 19, 2017

  Gretchen Marquette EVERY SYMPHONY IS A SUICIDE POSTPONED  - after Franz Wright If you have an exit wound, you can be sure what struck you has passed clean through. If you’ve been hit once, you’re always being hit, but whatever is hurting you is always leaving you too. At some point, you’ll sit up and ask for water. Out of the woods, they say, but what prey animal wants a clearing? As we all know, ...

A Celebration of Franz Wright, Day 4


May 18, 2017

Vijay Seshadri Ghost In early 1998, along with Tom Lux, Jonathan Galassi, and Bill Wadsworth, I served on a panel that was distributing money to independent poetry presses on behalf of the Academy of American Poets. One of the applications we reviewed was from Oberlin College Press, for a subvention to defray part of the cost of publishing Ill Lit, Franz’s first volume of selected poems. David Young, the press’s ...

A Celebration of Franz Wright, Day 3

photo courtesy of Elizabeth Oehlkers Wright

May 17, 2017

  Beth Bachmann KINGDOM   Six-fingered pitchfork, god-speed; I’ve got a field fallow & have you seen my horses? They’re hungry. Death is not a state. It is a property like the smell of peaches on your or my skin. The little book I wear around my neck is gold-filled, mostly brass. It takes an open palm to lift the hay, the hair in sunlight. The tremble of one ...