POEM OF THE WEEK: Shara McCallum


November 06, 2017

Shara McCallum   Race   You are the original incognito. Transparent, all things shine through you. She’s the whitest black girl you ever saw, lighter than “flesh” in the Crayola box. But, man, look at that ass and look at her shake it were just words, not sticks or stones, flung when dresses were the proof that clung like skin, when lipstick stained brighter than any ...

Mentoring Process: Teaching Revision 19


November 02, 2017

This is a continuation of my posts on teaching revision/revising teaching, specifically of the latest post on process. If you’d like to contribute a guest post or response, please contact me at m [dot] salesses [at gmail etc.]. - In the spirit of teaching the writing process, I've been having weekly meetings with my students, individually, in office hours. In a way I am doing this because of Margot Livesey, who made ...



October 30, 2017

  Alessandra Lynch     P.S. Assault   1. It took seconds for him to push me down then he was done— I was supine.  Perpendicular, the tree. That night we made a kind of staggering diagram in the parking lot. How had he risen from me?  Jerked out, rolled off.             Crude knuckles scuffed by fatigue and dust, the roots of the tree inches from ...

A Call to Teach Non-Western Traditions


October 25, 2017

  I often hear writers talking about how they are trying to give students readings that make them think, "wow, fiction can do that?" Those same writers often say they started writing themselves when they read something that made them think, "wow, fiction can do that?" But I find it difficult to square that sentiment with the readings lists that largely assign white American "experimental" writers. Those ...