CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: R.M Kinder Award for Realistic Fiction

We are accepting submissions to the R.M. Kinder Award for Realistic Fiction during the month of March! Entries are $20, and the winner receives $1,000 and publication in Pleiades: Literature in Context. The contest will be judged by R.M. Kinder, award-winning novelist, former editor of Pleiades, and founder of Pleiades Press.

To pay the submissions fee, please follow this link:

Then, complete the following steps to complete your submission:

Please submit one story (no word count maximum, but stories over 12,000 need to impress) via our submissions system at . *Please select “R.M. Kinder Award for Realistic Fiction as your submission genre (entries submitted in another genre may not reach our readers). The fee to enter is $20 and all entrants receive a subscription to the journal. In the “comments” section of your submission, please include your order number from your purchase of the entry fee, along with your address so we can add you to our subscriptions list!

Deadline: March 31, 2020

The winner will be published in the Winter 2021 issue of Pleiades: Literature in Context.


•We are open for regular submissions from December 1-January 1. Unsolicited poetry, fiction, and nonfiction submissions should be submitted via our online submissions manager. Unfortunately, we cannot consider paper submissions and emailed submissions, and mailed manuscripts will be recycled. Submissions sent outside the submission period will not be considered.

Please remember to select the genre of your submission, as submissions sent with no genre marked will not be read.

•Writers should review past issues of Pleiades to get a sense of our taste and preferences. Order Pleiades here

• Poetry Submissions: Please send 3-5 poems. We are particularly interested in work that embraces risk and is lyrically inventive. We value work that gives voice to a range of lived experiences and employs a mastery of expression. Work of any length will be considered, and we look forward to reading your most polished poems. Direct questions regarding poetry to Erin Adair-Hodges.

• Fiction Submissions: Pleiades is looking for exceptional fiction, with a focus on well-developed characters, memorable language, provocatively-wrought subject matter, and immersive settings. While there are no length requirements, our journal has limited space, and manuscripts over 12,000 words will especially need to impress. Some stories may be considered for our “online exclusives” category. Please direct questions regarding fiction to Jennifer Maritza McCauley.

• Creative Nonfiction Submissions: While we enjoy essays and nonfiction in all forms, here at Pleiades we are particularly interested in creative nonfiction that gazes out at the world rather than into the self. This is to say nothing against memoir, only that our publishing aesthetic leans towards the exterior in order to balance what see as a focus on memoir and interiority in most literary journals. Essays that perform a weave of the personal with an outward gaze are very welcome. We do not only consider externally-focused creative nonfiction, but this is our taste preference. Limit creative nonfiction submissions to 6,000 words. Please direct questions regarding nonfiction to Clint Crockett Peters.

• If you are interested in submitting a book review to be considered for the PBR, please submit via our submissions portal at We prefer submissions of full reviews to emailed queries, and make sure you mark your genre as “book reviews for Pleiades.” Any mailed or emailed book review submissions will not considered. Direct any questions to Reviews Editor Taneum Bambrick. Queries and unsolicited reviews sent in other months cannot be considered. Reviews should be submitted exclusively by the reviewers themselves (not by the authors of the work being reviewed). We encourage experimental reviews—reviews that borrow from creative nonfiction, adopt a unique form, compare something new to something old, etc.—and are very interested in new interpretations of what a book review is and can look like. We are also interested in publishing “retro-reviews,” or reviews that considered books published at an earlier time through a new lens, perhaps in context with newer books. Please also query Taneum Bambrick if you are interested in doing a three-minute review for online publication only. For a sample three-minute review, click here. Note: Pleiades book reviews are 800-1200 words.

• Entries into the Gail B. Crump Prize in Experimental Fiction and the R.M. Kinder Award in Realistic Fiction are accepted during the months of October (for the Gail B. Crump Prize) and March (for the R.M. Kinder Award). Winners will receive $1000 and publication in Pleiades. The fee to enter is $20 and all entrants receive a subscription to the journal.

• Pleiades DOES accept simultaneous submissions, but we ask that you notify us immediately if a piece is accepted elsewhere. *If you need to withdraw your work from consideration, please email the appropriate genre editor with the subject line “Withdrawal.” Please ONLY email through the links provided above.

• To have a book considered for review, send a review copy to: Pleiades Book Review • Dept of English, Martin 336 • University of Central Missouri • Warrensburg, MO 64093. Please note: not all books received will be reviewed, though we do review 40+ books in each issue.